Second Life
To renew the Bolidt floor finishes a new layer can simply be applied according to a smart "second-life" principle: existing floor finishes remain intact and receive a new top layer, quickly, cheaply and simply.

The Bolidt systems last a lifetime.

For example, if a different colour is wanted, if a renovation is completed whereby furniture or heavy objects have been moved, or the floor is damaged whereby the appearance is less than desired.

The floor finishes thus do not have to be removed entirely (which is the case with other floor finishes) and can be repeatedly be freshened and repaired during the service life of the building.

Foundation or dyke reinforcement

If, for example for aesthetic reasons, it is decided to replace a Bolidt system, the floor still functions perfectly as the best foundation for every imaginable material.

And if a building is demolished at the end of its service life, the Bolidt floor can be processed as normal building waste, for example for dyke reinforcement.