The transport of materials is also meticulously planned. With the intention to reduce the number of kilometres which minimises the CO2 emission.
Bolidt specialists calculate beforehand exactly how much material is needed. Too little material issued means extra transport to supplement the shortage. Too much material issued means extra transport to return the remainders.

If possible, the Bolidt application specialists take their own material with them. For projects for which more material is needed than the employees can transport themselves a separate transport planning is drafted.

Transport takes place once per week and follows the most efficient route.

In this route, the locations where segregated waste including packaging material is collected are also planned in.

Very large projects are supplied with container transport. These are equipped with spill trays. In special cases air freight is still used. We strive towards limiting this.

Abroad, Bolidt has storage facilities in the direct vicinity of the application sites. Transports are planned completely full. Unnecessary transport is thus completely avoided.