Sustainable entrepreneurship or rather, conscious entrepreneurship. Bolidt is focussed on minimising harm to the environment while maintaining quality and efficiency. This concept can be found in the entire business chain. Bolidt also takes their responsibility on a social level. As such, wherever possible there is cooperation with regional businesses to stimulate the local economy.
Besides this, we consider it important to invest in our children and to stimulate all sorts of education projects from primary school to university. Children get to know Bolidt at a young age already. Education and information are basic elements in society.

Waste does not exist
TU Delft

Bolidt has, together with the Technical University of Delft, organised a sustainable introductory activity for engineering freshmen.

Students creatively made musical instruments out of various waste materials from Bolidt. Final conclusion: Waste does not exist.

Sophia Children’s' Hospital

The Sophia Children’s' Hospital in Rotterdam is a hospital which provides care for children from 0 to 18 years old. Bolidt has a special bond with this hospital. Not only have we installed a floor there, but we also support the hospital yearly on a financial basis.

Fotografie: Anna Boukema

Furthermore, a few years ago, we surprised the sick children by letting them feel like normal children for a day. The children were given a helicopter flight above Rotterdam so that they could forget they were sick for a while.

Fotografie: Anna Boukema

Hospice De Cirkel

Hospice De Cirkel is a substitute home where the terminally ill who have less than three months to live are guests to pass away.

Each year, Bolidt organises the Bolidt Inner Circle Run to collect money for the hospice.
Bolidt supports the foundation financially, and a large portion of our workforce participates in the event to show their support.